E-Tendering system is mandatory in all goverment departments for procurement of Goods, Services, Works and Consultancy.

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S.No. Tender No Tender Title [English] Department Category Action
1. NIFT/DC/PO/547/15-16/Electronic Jacquard Loom/TD/15 Purchase of Jacquard Loom (Electronic Shedding Dev... Nift Delhi Procurement of Goods
2. NIFT/DC/PO/13-14/485/single End Warper/TD/14 Purchase of Single End Warper Nift Delhi Procurement of Goods
3. NIFT/DC/PO/15-16/548/Rapier E.S.S.L./TD/15 Tender for Purchase of Rapier Electronic Sampling ... Nift Delhi Procurement of Goods
4. 1351(14)/NIFT/Pur-HO/Printing of NIFT Promotional Kits-2018/2017 THE PRINTING/SUPPLY OF NIFT PROMOTIONAL KITS (01BI... Nift Ho Printing
5. 10/NIFT/MUM/PO/2017-18 Providing Mess Services to NIFT Girls Hostel Plot ... Nift Mumbai Services