E-Tendering system is mandatory in all goverment departments for procurement of Goods, Services, Works and Consultancy.

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S.No. Tender No Tender Title [English] Department Category Action
1. 1351(07)/NIFT/Pur-HO/Digital display of the Visual Merchandising of TFC/2018 e-BID DOCUMENT FOR DIGITAL DISPLAY THROUGH FILMS A... Nift Ho Services
2. 1351(06)/NIFT/Pur-HO/Appointment of Branding Management Agency/2018 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR APPOINTMENT OF BRANDING ... Nift Ho Services
3. 14077/NIFT/ BBSR/Admin/Tender/2018-19/84 E-TENDER (TWO BID) FOR PROCUREMENT OF RFID DROP BO... Nift Bhubaneswar Procurement of Goods – IT items
4. e-37/2018(Pur-Kol) SUPPLY OF EMBROIDERY MACHINE Nift Kolkata Procurement of Goods
5. e-36/2018(pur-Kol) Supply of Miniature Circular Knitting Machine Nift Kolkata Procurement of Goods